Just Jobs

Equal Opportunity Employer

Mr. James Vaughn, Founder & CEO

In order to make this happen we must live up to our “ Mission Statement “ By producing good , dependable, hassle-free employees with the work readiness preparation to adhere to ZERO Tolerance On Absenteeism.

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JUST JOBS was started January 6, 1997, not active in placement but made referrals to assist ex-offenders in job training, placement, and housing. June 1, 2009 JUST JOBS will start a bold new approach to the operation by using the several small businesses in the community to stimulate its’ growth and development such as;

The State of Michigan Re-Entry Program

The Fidelity Bonding Program

Michigan Works

Small Business and Technology Development

The Grand Rapids Urban League

Construction and Manufacturing Companies

The Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce

The Better Business Bureau


JUST JOBS is an Equal Opportunity Employment Service that will provide employment for ex-offenders at a rate of $9.00 per/hr. Those employed with JUST JOBS will provide complete demographics, which will include:

Current State ID or Driver’s License

Criminal Report


Social Security Card

Individuals must also attend a 4 hour Life Skills Workshop to ensure work readiness. The Workshop will educate potential employees with the hard and soft skills needed to maintain employment. Each employee will be individually assessed and referred to our support services on an as needed basis. Each potential employee must pass an initial drug test and randomly selected tests. They will also be required to sign a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY on Absenteeism. This policy will also include other rules and regulations for potential JUST JOBS employees to adhere to. We will make assessments on all job sites to ensure our mission. For it is JUST JOBS ultimate goal to produce good, dependable, hassle-free employees. Our “One Stop Shopping” approach is designed to fulfill all of the employment needs and assist the State of Michigan with the recidivism rate.

Not only will JUST JOBS employees pay taxes and stimulate the economy, every ex-offender that DOES NOT return to prison saves the State $34,000.00 per person.

Employers that hire ex-offenders permanently will receive a $5,000.00 tax credit after one year of employment per individual.

The fidelity bonding program will provide 100% insurance coverage and have no deductible. Employers receive this free of charge for the first 6 months of the covered employees’ employment and at that time the employer can extend the coverage at their expense.

Ex-felons who have little or no chance of finding a job will have the opportunity to discover the American Dream and achieve above average earnings in several fields while working with JUST JOBS.


 James E. Vaughn/President/CEO