Interviewing Techniques

There are three (3) parts of the interview:  

I. The Introduction

A. This process starts from the time you arrive on the employer’s property until you leave.

B. Just Jobs will teach you, step-by-step, this process, along with the professional techniques to secure the job.

II. The Body

A. This process starts after the proper introductions, and you are ready to discuss your skills and how they will benefit your employer.

B. Just Jobs will instruct you on the fact that an interview is a conversation between two (2) people, and your job is to convince the employer you are the best person for the position. You must be serious and honest.

III. The Close

A. When the interview comes to a close and you are asked if you have any questions for the employer.

B. Just Jobs will teach you those questions.  

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Hidden Rules

You have two minutes to make a first impression and your interview starts when you enter upon their property.

Don’t smoke, turn your music down and leave your cell phone in your car.

Most jobs are family orientated – the secretary may be related to the person that’s interviewing you, therefore her opinion of you will be very persuasive. You want to be on your best behavior.

So be kind to everyone. Smile when addressing him/her and keep eye contact when you give a firm handshake. – Don’t be intimidating. Avoid using body language when expressing yourself.